Birdwatching in Hanoi Botanical Garden (22 February, 2014)

A very small park but good place to see Japanese Thrush.  Somehow, I saw only males. 

小さな公園だが、ハノイ市内では数少ない緑地なのだろう、それなりに鳥が集まっていた。中でも、クロツグミ(約5羽)、クロウタドリ(3羽)は見もので、楽しめた。White-throated Fantailがこんな都市公園にいるのも初めて見た。

Chinese Blackbird (male)

Chinese Blackbird (male)

Japanese Thrush (male)

Japanese Thrush (male)

Japanese Thrush (male)

Japanese Thrush (1st year male)

Japanese Thrush (1st year male)

Japanese Thrush (1st year male)

Red-whiskered dBulbul

Yellow-browed Warbler

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