Birdwatching in Maioka Koen (June 5, 2011)

As wet season has been started, it was humid and cloudy today.  Not many birds were seen, though a female Narcissus Flycatcher and a few Asian Stubtails were still there.  Great Tit has already have his/her new family members while Hwamei was very vocally calling. 

I mostly enjoyed photographing insects as below.

Limentis camilla: common butterfly during summer

Limentis camilla

Mycalesis francisca: this species prefers dark forest to open sunny environment

Mycalesis francisca

Daimio tethys: Small & very fast flying butterfly

Daimio tethys

unknown beetle

unknown firely

Poecilocoris lewisi: very gorgeous insect

Poecilocoris lewisi

unknown fly

probably by mole?

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