Birdwatching in Oike Koen (January 9, 2011)

Very cold in the morning but warm and beautiful sunny day.  I visited Oike-koen park, where I was able to see Orange-flanked Bush Robin last week.  Highlight of the day was White's Thrush.  According to local birdwatchers, it has been seen since last week.  A male Orange-flanked Bush-Robin was not so friendly today, though a female was able to see very well.

Observed Species

1. Little Grebe  2. Spot-billed Duck 3. Tufted Duck 4. Oriental Turtle-Dove 5. Common Kingfisher 6. Japanese Woodpecker (call) 7. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker 8. Brown-eared Bulbul 9. Orange-flanked Bush Robin (male 1, female 1) 10. Dusky Thrush 11. Pale Thrush 12. White's Thrush 1 13. Japanese Bush-Warbler 14. Long-tailed Tit 15. Varied Tit 16. Great Tit 17. Japanese White-eye 18. Black-faced Bunting 19. Tree Sparrow 20. Jay 21. Carrion Crow 22. Large-billed Crow 23. Chinese Bamboo Partridge 24. Siskin

Great Tit

White's Thrush

Pale Thrush (female) & Dusky Thrush (male)

Pale Thrush (male)

Pale Thrush (male)

Chinese Bamboo Partridge

Common Kingfisher
Orange-flanked Bush-Robin (female)

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