Birdwatching in Oike Koen (December 31, 2010)

Certainly the last birding day of the year 2010.  Oike-koen is located in Asahi-ku, Yokohama City.  Approx. 1 hour from my house.  It is currently known as Kodomo-Shizen-koen, means Kid's Nature Park in Japanese.  Local birdwatchers told me this park holds more variety of birds than Maioka-koen, where I often go. 

It takes 5 min. from Totsuka station to Higashi-Totsuka station by JR train and 20-30 min. by Sotetsu bus to Maki-ga-hara Oike bus stop.  The park is a well-maintained urban park.  There are two ponds and wide types of vegetation. 

As today is a fine day and off for most of Japanese (new year's eve), there were hundreds of people inside the park.  Despite many people, I was still able to see some good birds, such as a flock of Siskin and a male Orange-flanked Bush-Robin.  As the park holds good dark forest, there would be Grey Bunting as some bird watchers have photographed in this winter.

Obeserved species are as below.

1. Little Grebe 2. Spot-billed Duck 3. Tufted Duck 4 Grey Heron 5. Northern Goshawk 1 imm. 6. Oriental Turtle Dove 7. Common Kingfisher 8. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker 9.Carrion Crow 10. Large-billed Crow 11. Great Tit 12. Varied Tit 13. Long-tailed Tit 14. Brown-eared Bulbul 15. Japanese Bush Warbler 16. Japanese White-eye 17. Pale Thrush 18. Brown-headed Thrush 19. Dusky Thrush 20. Orange-flanked Bush-Robin 1 male 21. Tree Sparrow 22. White Wagtail 23. Siskin 24. Japanese Grosbeak 25. Black-faced Bunting

Pale Thrush

Orange-flanked Bush-Robin (male)

Orange-flanked Bush-Robin (male)

Orange-flanked Bush-Robin (male)

White Wagtail (male)

White Wagtail

Tufted Duck

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