Birdwatching in Maioka Koen (September 26, 2010)

After two days rain, finally autumn comes.  According to weather forecast, it is still fine today.  As I obtained a new lens (SIGMA 150-500mm f 5-6.3), I went to Maioka-koen for testing the lens.

Although there were few signs of autumn migration, I heard a call of Narcissus Flycatcher while I saw a Cuculus sp. (probably Lesser Cuckoo).

Despite the reasonable price (90,000 YEN - 100,000 YEN), quality is certainly not so bad.  However, in poor light conditions, such as the 2nd shot, it doesn't perform well as Nikon's original lens.

male Common Kingfisher, probably juvenile

same individual with above, with poor light condition

juvenile Chinese Bamboo Partridge: looks really odd!

same individual with above


Short Birding in Bhutan (August 6-11, 2010)

I had a short visit in Thimphu and Phobjikha in Bhutan between 6 and 11 August.

Bhutan, a retired country, is probably one of the most attractive countries for birdwatchers.  As my purpose was for attending meetings, I was able to spent for birding only in my free time. 

Following species are quite common: Oriental Turtle Dove, Hoopoe, Grey-backed Shrike, Black Bulbul, Green-backed Tit, Large-billed Crow, Red-billed Chough, 3 sparrows (House, Tree & Russet).