Birdwatching in Maioka Koen (May 9, 2010)

I went to Maioka-koen for early birdwatching, again in this Sunday.

Although spring migration season, somehow, very little voice is heard in the park.  Howfinch is still heard, though it sits behind leaves.  A thrush was seeen along the trail but hid into the bush quickly.

A male Narcissus Flycatcher was calling loudly but is nervous and sit high near the canopy while Great Tit looks busy for taking care of the chicks.

Although several Chinese Bamboo Partridge were seen last week, there were only voices in this morning.

A male Japanese (Green) Woodpecker was seen well in a trail while I was waiting for the Narcissus Flycatcher.  It seems the woodpecker is nesting as the male was carrying worms to somewhere.

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